Foolin' Lyrics

Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart - Foolin' Lyrics

Foolin' on the human population
I know my mind's on the front line
But when I'm lovin' on the human population
Thank God my heart's playin' its part

One day, one day at a time
One day, one day at a time

Love is the birth of a nation
Born from the good womb of humankind
And all these stories of creation
Came from the same flame of the most high

One song, one song at a time
One song, one song at a time

Fearing, oh, I'm sure gettin' better
With every morn a new fear is born
But when I'm trusting, trusting, trusting
And knowing that we're in it together
Free to face unknown, free to overcome

One day, one day at a time
One day, one day at a time

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