Everybody Wanna Know Lyrics

Charli Baltimore

Charli Baltimore - Everybody Wanna Know Lyrics

Yeah, what
(charli baltimore)
Bout to lay it down for these muthaf**kas
(charli baltimore)
What, speakin' on c. b'more
Yo, uh, yo, yo

Verse one

Now everybody wanna know the outcome, of went I come out
My roads to success, pay dues, with the thumb out
Hitch-hike, from she aight, to she's the nicest
I permit chicks to front, now I got a license what
Everybody wanna know if I spit my own hits
Come to any session, any song in question
Drop 48 bars on spots like remixes
All hoes do is add on my words like prefixes
Roll 'thorough bitches' from deep south to these sixes
Been way past cats ideas of mad riches
Phone numbers, bank accounts
They gon' match the time, what
9-9-9, 9-9, 9-9
And the punchline, give my best thoughts at "crunch time"
I drop cats front, part 2, three much
You want, hot shit, pop shit or some toxic
Underground gossip, '99, I lock shit, what

'charli baltimore'

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