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Common Market

Common Market - Swell Lyrics

Beat entreat a seeker, teachin’ leadership
Group ‘em through the groove, spike the meter, weaker needles skip
Like defeatist-types, see the sign, retreat, this hype is evil
Might it be what I perceive as aiight’s
In a state of decay, he say it’s but a few days left
Aint let it rest since I was fresh up in OCHS
Never seen my senior year, bet I never shed a tear
Kept my head up, and lead in the weapon to let ‘em hear
How we lick it off for victory, synesthete feel the imagery
Sympathy give ‘em clemency – you’re witnessing the synergy
That’s how they shall remember me upon expiration
A god in training – take ‘em beyond denomination
Stay calm and patient, we gon’ make it to our destination
Condolences to those taken in the conflagration
I suppose they’re awaiting us now, I make ‘em proud
When I’m out, do me that favor and play it loud

Utilize the Line to rebel
Find a Mass of others with like minds in the swell
Reminiscing over this and It Aint Hard To Tell
Now my daughter knows Geo’s bars, my heart swell
I been lost at sea, tossed around in this hell
‘Til some folks up in the Beacon guided me through the swell
Keepin’ company with heads, more at home where I dwell
Scent of spring, well the team’s lookin’ swell

View of the Cascades drew in a fast rate
A flood of brothers to the tune of two of the last greats
Arrogance is so passé, my distinction don’t
Apply to rhyme skill, flow won’t move ‘em like the shine will
Conciliatory I build for my affiliates
A guild of spitters, the core of the city is insidious
A war of attrition waged and sick games played
The script scribbled, written to get ‘em on the same page
If obliterated the kid’ll make something outta nothin’
Divinity in him poured the form to forge function
Natural born hustler, cousin – you can’t touch him
For the moment I’m just showin some love over percussion
Catch a relay, when I facilitate I mic check it for the rebate
A couple cents worth for the beat tape
Double if the seed takes – rapid expansion
The thizz visible all up in the town’s mass transit
Keep in mind ‘fore you slide deep and opine
We’re in the six hovel with picks and shovels told to coal mine
Struck and found a diamond on a practice swing
Now the scouts all tout him as an athlete
Respect for the game, sincerely revere the spectator
The kind I often find training to be the next player
Run the drill out – blood, sweat and adrenaline spill out
But faith you won’t ever be without

Utilize the Line to propel you
Through the parts where the sharks swim around in the swell
What, you thought we haven’t fought ‘em off? Sit for a spell
I’ll spin a yarn about a thousand battles won by the swell
Reinforcing the importance of the bond we weld
When you see it stand the test, son – your chest ‘gon swell
Used to hear it from my Gran’ now I know how she felt
Play the hand dealt, boy, you’re lookin’ swell

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