The Reflection (Live) Lyrics

The Haunted

The Haunted - The Reflection (Live) Lyrics

Oh she was a little girl and I was only just learning to crawl
I would call her name
To see her beautiful eyes glow
Oh look at me
Oh look at me

They tell you to hold on
And say that one day you'll understand
Well I'm still waiting
Yeah I'm still here

I want someting more
Something kind, something pure

Oh she was a little jonesy, oh I should know
And he was a little backwards man with nothing much to show

Well everything she said
Would leave me cold
And everything he did
Lead to nowehere
It all amounts to this

All this time
I never knew
Who you really were

We pass it down, it keeps repeating
We break and run, we keep decieving

I am becoming - I am become
I am becoming - I am the one
I am reflection - I am the sun
I am the shadown - I am the gun

I want something more
Something kind
Something pure

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