Saddest Day Lyrics


Akon - Saddest Day Lyrics

Verse 1:
Going crazy
Heart Is breaking
I... can't... sleep at all
Tryna get through this
Dont know how i'll do this
I.know... that I only got myself to blame (only got myself to blame)
But that doesn't help to ease the pain (doesn't help to ease the pain)
Ill just die if i cant see her face

Until ya come back
I cant breath
Until ya come back
I got no reason
got my heart my heart down on its knee's
I still need you beside me...

Verse 2:
Now its morning
Your still gone and
I... still... reach for you (still reach for you)
Don't know how to
Live with out you
I... wish... i can take back all the hurt i cause
If I can Take back all the love i lost
My pain is just took higher because Yeah

Pleaseeeee... forgive me
Let me have
One more chance
In your life
Till your with me
Ill be
Half alive
Until ya come back


Cause I need you beside me...

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