Rusty Chevrolet Lyrics

Da Yoopers

Da Yoopers - Rusty Chevrolet Lyrics

C'mon, cmon!
C'mon, you can do it!
(car starts)
All right!

Dashing through the snow
in my Rusty Chevrolet
Down the road I go
Sliding all the way
I need new piston rings
I need some new snow tires
My car is held together
By a piece of chicken wire

Oh, rust and smoke, the heater's broke
The door just blew away
I light a match to see the dash
And then I start to pray
The frame is bent, the muffler went
The radio, it's okay
Oh what fun it is to drive
This Rusty Chevrolet

I went to the IGA
To get some Christmas cheer
I just passed up my left front tire
And it's getting hard to steer
Speeding down the highway
Right past a county cop
I have to drag my swampers
Just to get the car to stop



Bouncing through the snowdrifts
In a big blue cloud of smoke
People laugh as I drive by
And I wonder what's the joke
I got to get to Wal-Mart
To pick up the lay-away
'Cause Santa Claus is coming soon
In his big old rusty sleigh

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