Big Town Lyrics

Conway Twitty

Conway Twitty - Big Town Lyrics

This big town is a shelter for me
I found a place to hide my misery
I lost my love so long ago
And though my heart is hurting so
The one I love will never know
As long as I stay

In this big town I find the peace of mind
That only losers in the game of love can find
The years have gone crawling by
This hurt I feel will never die
Somehow I know deep down inside
I'll never get away from this big town
From this big town

In this big town there's a street of misery
And on the street there's a dwelling place for me
In the darkness of my room I try
To sleep but all I do is cry
And still I realize that
I am ever lucky to be here

In this big town so no one else can see
Just what your cheating heart has done to me
The glimmer of the city lights
The shadows of the lonely nights
Will help to hide me while I cry
A hundred dreaded tears

In this big town
In this big town
In this big town
In this big town
In this big town

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