Forevermore Lyrics


Zoegirl - Forevermore Lyrics

Oh, God, in Your perfection Your love confounds the wise
Sinners are made heroes, and the humble lifted high
Unchained hearts are singing out
Songs that reach the sky
Lift up your eyes to the One who reigns
Lift up your hands, oh sweet surrender it brings
Forevermore, You are holy
Forevermore, You are worthy
In Your light we see light, in Your eyes we shine
You give strength and justice, and the broken are made right
Sinners, saints, and angels sing
Songs that reach the sky
All my life, all that I hope
It rests inside Your plan
Your love, Your grace, Your truth alone
Forevermore will stand
You have called me Your redeemed
And hidden me in the shadow of Your wings
Peace like a river
Joy like a fountain flows wherever You go

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