Arizona Lyrics


EMF - Arizona Lyrics

Most of our countdowns
I've seen the sun rise over my head
It's something called the sea of sad
To feel what's on the inside out

And if we had these visions
To find our state of mind
The beauty of this and all it holds
And all the feelings we find

Love your state of mind
And the beauty of this
Is in the feelings you find

Here with our close friends
We haven't exchanged a word all night
But they'll come to be
With somebody who has also seen

And if we're on this mission
To find our state of mind
The beauty of this and all it holds
Is in every time we tried


There are no demons here
Just a safe bright light
That's blazing in the distance
And starts our imaginations to fly

And if we're on commision
To find the times we find
The danger of this and all it holds
Is in all the fears we find

(chorus) x 2

It's on the love we ride
In the feelings we find
On the love we ride

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