Use To Be Lyrics

Kirko Bangz

Kirko Bangz - Use To Be Lyrics

Man fuck these niggas
Make me wish that I ain't tryin to fuck with these niggas
And you ain't gotta fuck with me nigga
Dont be mad cuz these fans fell in love with me nigga
Still the same nigga that's wishin the same position
Workin every song harder ain't the same collision
Had dreams of a daughter had to change my vision
When my aunty got killed man this pain a killer
I call her after every show, had to let her know
How her boy feel, why she had to go in the manner that she went
And what I'm supposed to do with all this time that we ain't spent
I had plans I was gonna throw a party for her
Now that party turned into a funeral
I seen alot of pain you hear my music then you should know
Im too real for rap niggas in these industry hoes
I kinda feel for these niggas so in love with the dough
Playin hardboy, when the camera off a straight up ho
I probably seem like a nigga that be all bout hoes
I love pussy but shit that ain't all I know
My mind all caged up used to be all dozed
Straight hoopin with my niggas now im buyin some clothes
To deal with the pain
; and saying where I might go
I insure my fam' we good so I gotta go by myself
Sheddin tears hurt cuz I can't show
How a nigga really feel cuz I got 2 shows
This bitch talkin bout im cocky man but she dont know
And this Hennessey makin me wanna kill this ho
Cuz she smiled in a nigga at my Tiphain Show
She on twitter talkin down my emotions blow
Now im screaming in my phone like "bitch do u know how it feel
For it to take a nigga 22 years to make millions with your pops and folks that look like him
And have a aunty like your momma she was your bestfriend
She helped you get your first car, helped you furnish your crib
Get your girlfriend a job help you out through shit
Dressed your sister up for prom, helped you manage your chips
And you turn around and lose her in the same damn year
Toward the time you tank it down, what if I was there
I probably coulda told her husband that it wasn't fair
And to think about their little girls
Before he pulled the trigger on her and then killed himself
And deep inside im kinda feelin like its my fault
If she wasn't helpin me she coula been at home more
Doin things that married people supposed to do
Its killin me cuz I jus got so damn close to you
And everybody callin tellin me to stay strong
And it's the reason why I always wanna be alone
You get to love a person then you turn around and they gone...
I used to be a used tooo

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