Death Unlimited Lyrics


NORTHER - Death Unlimited Lyrics

(Saatanaaa, vittu perkele!)

Welcome to my world of death and pain
oh it drives you so insane
I am no blast from the past
because i'm death and i'm everlast

I'm the future breed, evil and mean
a fucking killing machine
no-one will stay alive and see
they all will die and join me

Fuck you and die, living is so damn painful
it's cool to be dead and grateful
nothing can hurt you anymore
anyhow death is so much more

you can just kill, kill and kill
just kill em all if you will
do you still wanna stay alive
or join me by my side

I am the Death Unlimited
and death is all i have to give
I'll tell you the meaning of life
It's not to live but to die

I am the Death Unlimited
and death is all i have to give
let me spill your sweet blood
and to you I am god

Can you feel the dark side calling
it's useless to resist
give into fear, hate and anger
then life won't take your time any longer
only I am by your side
soon your life is gone
and that i adore




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