Self Taught Lyrics

Brother Ali

Brother Ali - Self Taught Lyrics

Im home

Uh Yea
They always ask me Ali what you so angry for man?
Why you always so upset?
I tell em shit
theres a thin line between anger and hunger my man
And I ride a unicycle down the middle
You might catch me
touchin feet down on both sides

Ever sense day number one
its just me and where I'm comin from
Rites of Passage and Shadows on the Sun
My people I sand before you as a man with more true shit than he knows what to do with
I give it all to you long as you can promise me this
when its time you will ball up a fist (like this)
Me and Anthony we fill all the gaps and proud of what we make regardless what happens
FUck rappin I sing off key
one thing you should never do is dis Ali
Cuze mother fucker there aint nothin rougher
than trying to climb from the rug you get swept under
I can run through ever one of your blunders
mistake number one is that your crew dont love ya
I take a bullet for the core of the Sayers
when me and dogs out tourin the nation
I spit with an intensity you have to witness
look close my blood on the back of the tickets
Its that religous
Its what I teach my son
How to read the Quran and how a party is won

We like docotor
dont get a mistake
and we call life out when we sit in the basement
we self taught
its as real as you make it
any way you look at it this shit is amazin

When line meets mine we bend your girls spine
figure eight status she got back for days
The same old magic will not crack the maze
a lot changed sense we annied up pot has been raised
And im fuckin with the hand I was delt
lived 25 years to experience what Lazurus felt
If you drop three crumbs
I'll eat one
feed one to the family
the rest will get invested in my freedom
I battle through a (?) of shit
with a wrist full a broken tooth picks tryin to carve out a nitch
You can either choose the heart or the fist
but you will connect with me if your path ever insect with me
the fire in the eye could never be held back
its the same
pressure the day the liberty bell crack
its the same
pressure the day my brother E sell crack
In the name
Quran holy rest in peace
My back is being watched by
the only one on high
We stride in the party
hoods up crossed eyes
broke as what but done give a fuck
cuze I feel like I got the world by the nuts

Home boy understand
I aint mad at you
theres just very few things in life I know how to do
and this is one of em right here

And whatever comes up comes out
We dont put our hand on our moth I stand for what I'm about
Unknown but I'm still a soldier
Can't let em go home until I win em over
My youth was training its very clear
Every year new city new rules to play with (true shit)
New kid in school didn't rule nothin
to this day I rap like I'm tryin to prove somethin
Little bit aggressive when I spit a sentense
Till you get the message
you coulnt pay to me to quit professin
Rock 61 sould out shows
came home and caught a bus to the sixty second
shit sweated full of work ethic
been in love with this shit sense I first met it
Rhymesayers is the first to come last to leave
Aint to tricks up our sleve this is what we believe

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