Knock Knock Lyrics

Elizabeth Tan

Elizabeth Tan - Knock Knock Lyrics

feat. Chocolate Ty , Drag-On

Knock knock who is it, knock knock who is it

Somebody open this door
I'm trying to get in this game
I go by the name Choc
belong in the hall of fame
In the type of game I'm in I belong next to Wilt Chamberlin
I'm not at all a baller but I do know all the rules
I refuse to let you be the reason that I lose
and I ain't never been afraid of another MC that's just as dope as me
you must be outta your mind if you think you come close to me
I could rhyme, I could write, I could rap, I could sing nigga I can do it all
got guns got knifes got bats ain't a thing to go to war
you could get your baddest biggest niggaz that you running with
I'm equipped with 16 hollow tips to fill up in this clip
I got a whole lot of niggaz that'll ride you don't want to collide

Knock knock who is it, knock knock who is it

Y'all going to make a nigga kick down your door
snatch your bricks, smack your bitch, sawed off everybody
Hit the floor anybody move I'm poppin off
double R get shit jumping off here's a brick bitch nigga pump it off
we the niggaz when it comes to war
when it comes to these streets we done it all
Damn niggaz say they don't like this verse
that's a quick way to catch a ride in a hearse
skip the hospital skip the nurse get the casket get the dirt
dump the body with the shottie when it comes to this shit
I spit the best fuck the rest I spit the slang
and I got shit that'll split ya vest
I call the shots you call the cops
y'all niggaz never gave me all my props
I don't give a fuck if I ball or not
I'll get a motherfuckin baller popped
Before a nigga let the mag pop get off Drag's cock
Since I came back niggaz mad huh
Double R got a nigga back huh nigga

Knock Knock who is it Knock Knock who is it

May god be my witness by the time I'm finished my business
I'ma put my foot through the door knock this bitch off the hinges
soon as I step on the floor I'm surrounded by women
shoulda let me in in the beginning too many beginners pretending
I can't believe how the industry keeps signing niggaz that ain't got no type of flow
They drop a little mixtape cop a little v8 now think they got some dough
I wanna know what your problem is I'm gettin tired of executives
we belong in the record biz Choc Ty that's is who it is
Black eye is the entertainment everything we drop you know is flaming
straight to the top is where we aiming
changing the game is what we claiming
we the best around let the games you playing around
I'm tired of knocking on the door I'm bout knock it down

Knock Knock who is it Knock Knock who is it

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