Pearl (Live) Lyrics

Babes In Toyland

Babes In Toyland - Pearl (Live) Lyrics

Little Pearl
She was this girl
Her thoughts and notions in a whirl
This girl, Pearl
She was pretty quick
Found her stick
Filled it thick with...

Black sugar shit

Ole black glasses
Spoonful molasses
Drinking wine
Killing time

Burn it black with a candle
All bent at the handle
Devil spit
Makes Pearl Sick

Black sugar shit

She had a name
Her name's insane
A little maid picks away at her brain
To much disdain
Her brain remained
To think thoughts all axe and mame and
Black sugar shit

Black sugar

I live inside...

Off with their heads
For I'm staying in bed
I'm sick of that blackbird
That shark's in my head

Black sugar shit
Is shit

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