I Don't Understand Lyrics


Rooney - I Don't Understand Lyrics

I put up with your bickering
I keep forgetting how deep I'm in
I put up with your putting down
You said this high school hope won't be coming around

But it's true, I've seen it before
And it's you, who's asking for more
But I'll take my time and I'll take it away
From all the no-go missile toes - there's nothing to say

Don't make me wait
Don't hesitate
I won't let you go, I won't let you go
It's all been awhile
I haven't seen your smile
I don't understand, I don't understand you

I don't know what you're looking for
A new face or a coat for the poor?
It doesn't have to take this long,
But you lost the crowd before the end of the song

And it's true, you get what you want
If you knew, you'd know what you got,
But you never see 'til the end of the day
You're a blind bat, water rat slipping way

I know it's now or never
I know you're gone forever,
But this wave pool I'm swimming in
It's not fair

I don't understand, no, I don't understand

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