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Rooney - Wild One Lyrics

Wild one, you ran all over town
They always said you were the best around
Wild one, you lived a young man's life
Lived it up fast, lived it up all the time, but all the while

You just left her stranded,
Empty handed in the night
She just begged you,
You just lived your wild life

Wild one, why'd you have to raise your hand?
You wild one, why'd you have to go and be a wild one?

Wild one, you made the Dallas news
Made the first page of the New Yorker, too
Wild one, you're in the magazine
Your face is even on the weeks review, sad, but true

You're the toast of the town
At your best, but you're in the ground
Now they misquote you
Your words are lost and never found
You lost control and put yourself in danger, you

Standing in the doorway long past midnight,
Your time has come, you're done with sunshine
Pack your suitcase, your time has come
Goodbye everyone, goodbye wild one

(Wild life had just begun, people said you were the devil's son)
(Jumped the neighbor with the loaded gun, you paid the price)
(You were a wild one)

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