The Hunch Lyrics


Rooney - The Hunch Lyrics

I could feel it coming
I could sense that nothing good was happening that day
I got a funny feeling
I could smell that something bad was cooking at my place that night
Something wasn't right

Started as a tingle
Pretty soon those jingle bells were ringing in my ear
Wanted to ignore them
Just forget the omen sign that showed up loud and clear that night
Oh, something wasn't right

Premonition - I could see the future all the time
Recognition - something wasn't right
I've seen it all like a picture in my mind

I got the hunch and my hunch don't tell no lies

How did I end up here?
Thought the sky was blue and clear
Everything was going fine
I guess I learned my lesson
Listen carefully to me
I know things can fall apart over night
Oh, something wasn't right

I got the hunch and my hunch don't tell no lies, lies
I got the hunch and my hunch don't tell no lies

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