Four Walls (Live) Lyrics

Jim Reeves

Jim Reeves - Four Walls (Live) Lyrics

Four Walls
Eddy Arnold
Written by Marvin Moore and George Campbell

This version did not chart but
In 1957, Jim Reeves put it at # 11 and Jim "Green Door" Lowe took it to # 15.
Kay Starr revived it in 1962 but attained only # 92.

(Four walls too near me)
(Clo-osing in on me)

Out where the bright lights are glowing
You're drawn like a moth to a flame
You laugh while the wine's over-flowing
While I sit and whisper your name

Four walls to hear me
Four walls to see
Four walls too near me
Clo-osing in on me

Sometimes I ask why I'm waiting
But my walls have nothing to say
I'm made for love, not for waiting
But here where you've left me, I'll stay


One night with you is like heaven
And so, while I'm walking the floor
I'll listen for steps in the hallway
And wait for your knock on my door


Clo-osing in on me

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