Riverbed Lyrics


Morcheeba - Riverbed Lyrics

Meet me on the other side
It's a brand new start
To a brand new life, and I'm open
Cause we both share the same degree
Of ecology and philosophy, and I'm open

The lonely world without a friend
Can lead the way into depend on
I need someone to wake me up
From the lazy sleep
That locks me down, I need you

You lead me down to the waters edge
Let's take a rest on the riverbed

Take your time I'm almost there
I brushed my teeth
And comed my hear, one minute
There's no rush were we will go
The past has gone
The pace is slow, infinite

Now we need to realize
All the things I devised before now
So put a blindfold on your eyes
I need to feel your sweet surprise
You know how

You lead me down to the waters edge
Let's take a rest on the riverbed
You lead me down to the waters edge
Your all that I need, you go ahead

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Morcheeba - Riverbed