Sister Lyrics


Rhymefest - Sister Lyrics

feat. Mike Payne

Yeah, this song right here
Is about a lot of different - people, women I know
Family members, things we go through, y'know
And, it just means that, sister I understand
You can't have trials without tribulations
And umm, sometimes we just need God to work that out
I'ma kick it like this, look

This beat reminds me of a lounge, on a Wednesday night
Shorty chillin at the bar ain't have no friends in sight
I rolls up like, Damn girl, what you in tonight
She looked up said, This ain't how I wanna spend my life
Tears in her face, fear in her face
Man this ain't about love, she was feelin disgraced
She said, In five years I got three kids, two different dads
I'm pregnant now and I don't know who the father is
Heavy thing, she was tellin me everything
Her mother became a widow before she got the wedding ring
Shorty was locked in a prison, I wanted to set her free
But I couldn't, so I sat and listened
With no intermission, I didn't interrupt her
To tell the truth, originally I just wanted to fuck her
But, heh, I was like damn girl, you gon' be okay
She turned around and said

Yeahh, sister, I know that sometimes
This world don't treat you, right, yeah
And sister, I know that he left you
with too many, responsibilities, yeahhh

Look, love don't love nobody
Drugs don't love nobody, so why you put that shit in your body
Now we can't have a decent conversation
Cause she always shakin
I tried to deny it at first, it bothers me now
Don't ask for money, you done ten dollar'd me out
I even took yo' kids when they put you out the last house
But I will not babysit while you in a crackhouse!
And I would hate, to turn 'em over to the state
Look what I did, I let they bad-ass stay and just tear up my crib
While you hurt me child, horribly
He asked me why my momma love drugs more than me
I couldn't answer, I sat back and peered in the sky
I thought it was rainin, but damn, there was tears in my eyes
He was like you gon' be alright Uncle Che
I'm like man, look

Yeahh, sister, don't you know
You're worth, more than gold way more than gold yeahhhh
And sister, don't you know
I sew what's in your, souuuuuuuulll, yes I do yes I do

And I know daddy did you wrong
But you gooo-hooot to be strong
Cause you will see...
The sun shine... the sun gonna shine
Yes you will see you will see, you will see, you will see
The sun shine... yeahhhhh yeahhhhh oh yeah
The sun's gon' shine the sun's gon' shine
The sun's gon' shine the sun's gon' shine
The sun's GON' shine the sun's GON' shine
I said the sun's gon' shine the sun's gon' shine
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Oh sister I know
Sister I know that it gets so hard for you babe
You don't understand And that's why I'm here
Baby you should have no fear that's why I need ya
Sister sister sister sister sister

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