Fool´S Gold - Ouro De Tolo Lyrics

Raul Seixas

Raul Seixas - Fool´S Gold - Ouro De Tolo Lyrics

I Should now be feeling happy
since I have a fine new job
an´ wife an´family
I´m the model man who made it
every month a thousand bucks!
I should thank the lord I have it,
should be proud I´ve got a chevy
I´m the kind of guy that lucks!
So, I should now be glad as glad
With my brand new home is the best quarter
After starving for two years
In this whore of whores of towns!
Should be proud of being socially
Respected and even feared
But I think this kind of success
Is for circuses and for clowns!
Yes, I should be vain and proud
To have won my place in life
But I must vow I´m dazed
And I just don´t know where I am at
Because it was so easy picking
So I ask myself "and now" ?
I have so many worlds to conquer
And I know I can not be even satified with that
I should be happy god granted me
The sundays that I wanted
With my family to play the father
To play the husband... and display
But a monumental bore
You will find I am and more
Don´t you feel I´m happy and easy
At the end of every day!
Stand against a looking glass
And see yourself... what an ass
God and devil took the mass
On ten percent use of your brain
You are a doctor of philosophy
Priest or copper, what a topper
Don´t you wish you could grow young
And start it all again.
You don´t find me gladly sittin
On a throne made of my savings
Im my heavily-mortgaged home
Waiting for my coming death
Yah, for wonders gravitating
I´m awaiting, yes, I´m awaiting
At the neighbor´s fence
Hoping and looking across the heath!

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