Swimsuit Issue Lyrics

Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth - Swimsuit Issue Lyrics

I'm just here for dictation
I don't wanna be a sensation
Being on sixty minutes
Wasn't worth your fifteen minutes

Don't touch my breast
I'm just working at my desk
Don't put me to the test
I'm just doing my best

Shopping at Max Fields
Power for you to wield
Dreamed of going to the Grammies
Till you poked me with your whammy

He's been dissed
Now you're moving your wrist
I'm just from Encino
Why are you so meano

I'm just here for dictation
And not your summer vacation
You really like to shmooz
But now you're on the moves

I'm from Sherman Oaks
Just a wheel with spokes
But I ain't giving you head
In a sunset bungalow

Ice women
Ice women
Ice women

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