Navidad (Christmas) Lyrics


Loona - Navidad (Christmas) Lyrics

another year it's christmas
we waited all year long untill this day
little lights are shining
and all the problems seem so far away
oooo i se the childrens faces
excited for the gifts they will recieve
oooo you see the people smiling
can you here the jingle bells
navidad, navidad
ooo it should be christmas everyday
navidad, navidad
ooo it should be christmas everyday
when you're looking through the windows
you see familys in harmony
but it is sad to know that
there are also people who feel so alone
ooo i hope that santa claus will
bring a shining light to all of them
maby he can bring a box of
hapiness and love to them
navidad, navidad ...
the day will come,
there is peace on earth for everyone
and not only for just a day
a world of peace, isn't that
what we all want
let us pray for a better world
navidad, navidad ...

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