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Oh Lord, I'm shaking like a tree
I've got fruit on me so you'd best believe that
It?s coming down at the speed of sound
Gonna spread it around and around and around, yeah

It?s too good to keep it to myself or put it on a shelf
Momma taught me well that
It?s just something that you give away
Each and every day, each and every day

Crank it up, flip the switch, we're all rich
I know love is a powerful thing
Turn it up, it?s the stuff
I know love is a powerful thing

I'm ticking like an atom bomb
Gonna set it off, you'd better sound the alarm because
Ain't no tellin? what it?s gonna do when love gets a hold of you
When love gets a hold of you

I got a little notion
That we can set it into motion
If we just come together you and me

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