Peace Connecticut Lyrics


Apathy - Peace Connecticut Lyrics

I'm on my CT shit, but when ain't I
I've been repping this shit since I was yay high
I'm from heroin town, yeah I was born there
Check the location on my Foursquare, junkies and whores there
Hartford and New Haven's like warfare, these days
Channel three news with the replays, where the body decays
White trash free base, plus we da home of slept on rappers and dj's
Big Mike put me up on his tapes, for how I'm repping this state, not because I drop papes and my name holds weight
This is just a reminder
From the state where we call subs and heroes grinders
It reminds me of nine five in the pathfinder
Playin Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, or Da Beatminerz
Well Evil Dee broke me off lovely, it's ugly
Shout out to all the UConn Huskies
I'm a CT

Peace Connecticut, Peace Connecticut
Peace Connecticut, real niggas lick shots, Peace Connecticut
Peace Connecticut, Peace Connecticut
Peace Connecticut, real niggas lick shots, Peace Connecticut

Yo, I'm a young man, with an old soul
I'm from where Good Ole Tom will buy your old gold
Shout out to Steez-o, peace to Duelio
And Chris Webby gettin' buzy in the studio
I'm dough rakin' with my mo'fuckin' spliff and bone
And got my Northface on son, it's wicked cold
I'm New England like a mo'fucka', turn turn it up louda'
We export more white powda' than clam chowda'
An epic beast rep the streets where they say F police
Sitting in this interview, with my man Kevin Reese
I'm a product of Dock 9, it's classic
In case you didn't know he's Connecticut's Mr. Magic
If you all want problems, here comes trouble
That's why I got Connecticut, tatted above my knuckles
Peace to all my people, chilling in Willirico
And chicks on the metro north, strapped with Kilos and CT

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