Drive Slow Lyrics


Apathy - Drive Slow Lyrics

Whether you in L.A., Philly, Brooklyn or Mississippi
Drive slow like your "Boyz n the Hood" lookin' for Ricky
Whips roll slow like hearses, headin' to churches
We gargle with holy water and spit, bless 'em with verses
I ain't the type that flosses pricey watches
But'll build a whole mansion out of Nike boxes
'Cause y'all be dippin' whips at speeds that make your tail spin
While I be ridin' slow, pumpin' brakes like mailmen
You fuck-up, I buck with the forces of horses
Puttin' more slugs on you than the floor of a forest
Got more power than Porsches driven by sorcerers
Y'all are soccer moms pushin' four door Corsicas
Admit it though, dude, that my shit is so smooth
You'll be ridin' so slow that your spinners won't move
Seat back, volume up, bitches sayin', "He's bad"
Ridin' real slow, playin' Sammy The Sleezbag

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