Take Time Lyrics

Static Cycle

Static Cycle - Take Time Lyrics

I take a second to think, before I fall at your feet
I make my way to your lips, you push me back to my knees
I need a minute to speak, just let me say what I need
I open up to release, I know that I

Hate the way you operate - discriminate and medicate -
don't suffocate and violate my mind
Don't duplicate or imitate me, just to try and escalate,
I'll devastate and desecrate your tries

Take time, take all that you need to clear your mind
But I'm not like that, I won't wait for you to come to me
That's alright, 'cause I don't need you
Play those games you like
I know you know it's almost over
It's just a matter of time

Before I walk out the door, you get a sec to explain
You gave me time to release, I'll let you beg me again
Don't try and tell me to stay, I can't live under your mess
You push me too far away, I know that I

Can you say those things I like

Erick Faria

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