Just Like Me Lyrics


L7 - Just Like Me Lyrics

Taime is a rockstar
Just like me
executives love him
Just like me
They're all feeling lucky punk
Just like me
See's his Smack and picks it up
And where's the dignity?

faster, faster, faster
faster, faster, faster!

Well axl is a love god
Just like me
The girls all love him
Just like me
But he's so messed up
Just like me
Doesn't wanna give it up
So where's the dignity?

Guns and, Guns and, Guns and
Guns and, Guns and, Guns and!

Well vixen are love Gods
Just like me
Pretty, Pretty sex things
Just like me
Dressed up for pay to play
I couldn't live that way
Hairspray and bustier
Can't fool me

Vixen, Vixen, Vixen
Vixen, Vixen, Vixen!

Slash is a love god
I know it's hard to believe
The boys all dig him
But boys are easy to please
He's got the bimbo's swinging
Like monkeys in the trees
He's got his limo and money
So where's the dignity?

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