The Moon Lyrics

The Microphones

The Microphones - The Moon Lyrics

I drove up to the city at night
and found the place where you grew up
and then where you stayed
and then we walked around
and stayed up late
under city lights
and I spent the night
next to you in the house where you grew up.
next to you I miraculously woke up
in your parents' house
I lied in bed with you

I went back to feel alone there.
I went back to wipe it clean.
I took the lights and radio towers out of my dreams.

We went all the way up to the small town where I'm from
with foggy air
and the wind
and the mountain top
and we clung to rocks
and we looked off.
You held my hand
you almost got to start feeling me.
I finally felt like I was breathing free.
And under swaying trees we fell asleep and had the same dream.
The stars were bright.
We dream the same every night.
On my island home I spent some time with you.

I went back to feel alone there.
I went back there by myself
and gave up on everything that we'd felt.

We found a precious place in the sand
right out in the wind
and lied under a blanket
and heard the furious sound
the roar of waves,
the pounding surf.
two bodies on the earth:
it was intense just getting to be there next to you.
and you were trying to get me then.
and I was happy let you in.

I went back and wished I hadn't.
I went back and felt regret.
I went to the beach and I stared west.

Every night when the sun went down
in the town where we live
the empty streets were lit up
by reflected light
from a distant sun
bouncing off a glowing ball of rock.
We just lied on the roof and watched
the moon.
The moon!
The blue light of the moon!
We didn't talk and silently we both felt powerful.
Like the moon my chest was full
because we both knew we're just floating in the same space over molten rock
and we felt safe and discovered that our skin is soft.
There's nothing left except certain death
and that was comforting under the moon.

I went out last night to forget that.
I went out and stared it down
but the moon just stared back at me
and in its light I saw my two feet on the ground.

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