Untouchables Lyrics

Billy Idol

Billy Idol - Untouchables Lyrics

You and me have a passion escaping the days that go by,
Just our desire.
Patronise a secret painted salon. Let us talk about the live,
Where the skins aren't out.

But it was O.K.
It was all right.
We were, we were,
The untouchables tonight!

You and me while we're waitin' on a corner share a packet of two,
With all the fools to save us.
We laughed and cried, split our sides.
At what they told us.

That it will be O.K.
That it will be all right.
We were, we were,
The untouchables tonight!

(guitar solo)

I've coloured my life blue.
And ice diamonds are the line of my life,
But time strikes against us.
It takes some of us home.
Will pick our souls, turn up in you,
While it sets me free.

All things young and blue, what'll I do,
When you're gone too.

Ooo ooo who.
Ooo ooo who.
Ooo ooo who who ooo ooo who.
Ahh ahh aww.
Ahh ahh aww.
Ahh Ahh aww aww ahh ahh aww.

It'll be all right.
It'll be O.K.
If I believe tonight,
Then I believe, we're right.
And then I'll be, then we'll really be,
The untouchables tonight!

Whao ohh oh!
Whao oh oh!
Whao ohh oh!
The untouchables tonight!

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