She Lyrics


Izia - She Lyrics

Sitting on the bed waiting
For his call
She's feeling alone by the telephone
Don't you know it never lasts
Everything is quiet
And she's wondering
She's wasting her time and her
Thougts aren't clear
Don't you know it's gonna pass
She's taking her coat
And leaving the place
The night is too cold
But she needs some air
And she's singing 'nananananana"

She walks through the city trying
To hide her face
From the mirrors and the lights
She's feeling down
She's got a face that could make
The angels cry
When she's walking through the city
You can't find me

City's calling her for
A last big thrill
The noise is too loud,
She can't hear a thing
Don't you know it never lasts
She wants to go home,
She feels like crying
But why could she leaves the night
And the streets
Don't you know it's gonna pass
Raindrops on her cheeck's melting
With her tears
Thunder is too big,
No one hears her scream
And she's singing "nanananana"

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