Umbabarauma (Brasil 1970 Mix) Lyrics


Soulfly - Umbabarauma (Brasil 1970 Mix) Lyrics


Um, dois, tres, quatro...

Umbabarauma homen gol
Umbabarauma homen gol

Joga bola joga bola jogador
Joga bola quero jogar bola jogador
Pula, pula, cai, levanta, sobe e desce
Corre, chuta, abre espaco, vibra e agradece
Olha que a cidade toda ficou vazia
Nessa tarde bonita pra te ver jogar

Joga bola jogador
Joga bolacondo

Favela Pelada Favela Palada

Futebol Futebol Futebol Futebol...

"Eis ai a historia de Umbabarauma
Um ponta de lanca Africano
Um ponta de lanca decidido

Umbabarauma goal man
Umbabarauma goal man

Play ball play ball ball player
Play ball I want to play ball ball player
Jump, jump, fall, get up, go up and get down
Run, kick, find a hole, thrill and give thanks
See how the whole city empties out
On this beautiful afternoon to watch you play

Play ball ball player
Play ballcondo

Slum Street Soccer Slum Street Soccer

Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer...

"This is the story of Umbabarauma
An African point man
A point man whose mind is made up

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