Dakota Lyrics

Robert Francis

Robert Francis - Dakota Lyrics

Light shines off rivers flowing through,
Every part of me,
Wanting every part you.

Soft and simple veins make a stain,
Or find a dream.
If I was the one, maybe I could feel your pain.

And the water boils while the night is on fire.
I patiently wait like a bird on a wire.

Your dreams are made of fear while sleep surrounds us.
Tunnels changing lanes oh summarize your pain inside a school bus.

Summer fall, October ends,
Shadows, odds and ends,
Winter won't pretend.
Oh I know I'll see you again.

The wind blows you and me,
Catching teardrops in the leaves.
Oh I don't believe that every night I feel you breathe.

And the tension boils like sailors close to home,
Time is black, but you assume I'll be alone.

Fate does tempt itself a game of cat and mouse,
It soon will find us.

And anything we need,
God knows the devil could precede
In denying us.

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