Hole Lyrics

Fefe Dobson

Fefe Dobson - Hole Lyrics

Fefe dobson - Hole
???Sunday Love?
??/Fefe dobson
i'll fake a smile
if you do too
i'd say that i would die for you
when the rain falls down
i watch our colors drown
and it's not alright
when you're the sparkle
in my darkest night
you can love me
you can lead me
but we're only digging a hole
can you save me
when there's just one way
we can go
you're wrong no matter
what you say
we're like the sunlight
we will fade
when you hold my hand
and launch me where i stand
before i land
i wanna give you up
but i just can't
you can shake me
but you can't make me
cause we're only digging a hole
c'mon baby
stop this crazy
heart breakin show
nothing sacred
ghost white orchid
just before it dries and bends
i've read this story
many times
and i know how it always ends
we're digging a hole
Don't get out?

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