Thank You Lyrics


Seahaven - Thank You Lyrics

This is for you, the one that's here.
A circle resolves, sorrow follows, a crescent appears.
This was not the arrangement made.
What can you do when mother nature steals the lead?
The strangest part is what's gained from loss,
And to lose what's lost,
And to gain what's not.
But you took me in with open arms,
Because only time and love move this world along.
You woke up in the prime of night.
Neurological poltergeist was the culprit,
Too strong to alight.
Then he spoke to you of me.
Said "shapeshift my love, don't let him go, try to explain."
She will drink and speak of it.
Curse artificial confidence.
But it is drenched with innocence.
Beautiful blinding reflections.

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