Challenger (Synthetic Version) Lyrics


Sybreed - Challenger (Synthetic Version) Lyrics

Face down, this the way you taught me to abide
Down on my knees, I was just another servile bitch
I realized I was a whore begging for security
And such a coward, I‘d never have asked to be set free


Please tell me why should I disregard all the lies and become everything I despise
If I can find a meaning to this fearful life, I’ll become the enemy of mankind
What did you conjecture to arise from the ashes of my broken self?
An obedient drone just easy to bind?
I’m but the demon you’ve devised
Tremble, you bastards, I represent all that you dread
It’s so futile to think you can still control me
I’ve nothing to lose for you have tainted everything I prized
Whatever you try, revenge is mine

Repeat chorus

I shall wipe this burden out
Victorious I will stand above the mundane shame you’ve forcefully trained me in
I’ll concede nothing and never forget all your deeds of cruelty
Retribution is on the way, turning the war you’ve started into pure defeat
Repeat Chorus

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