Manifest (Remastered) Lyrics


Sepultura - Manifest (Remastered) Lyrics

Friday, October nd
Chaos has descended in "Carandiru"
the biggest penitentiary complex in
South America
Over a hundred inmates dead and
hundreds injured on the massacre
The police arrived with helicopters
and over two hundred armed forces

They took the jailblock called
"Pavilhao Nove"
and opened fire on the
inmates in a holocaust, method of
annihilation. The government of the city
of Sao Paulo cannot control
the brutality of it's police

Holocaust, Body Piles
Confrontation, Mutilation

Discipline, Ignorance
Conflagration, Torture

Over eighty percent of the inmates were
not sentenced yet. The bodies were filled
with bullets and bites from the police dogs
The police try to hide the massacre saying
there were only eight deaths

The violence of Brasilian cops is very well
known outside of Brasil, This kind of
extermination is a method that they use to
get rid of the overpopulation in the jails
The violence of the cops left the whole
pavillion destroyed after the rebellion

"Pavilhao Nove" (Pavilhao )

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