U See Lyrics

Daddy DJ

Daddy DJ - U See Lyrics

Verse 1

Thinking of what we lived together
Of all the things I gave
You said our love would last forever
And by the time you left me I was like your slave

The love I gave you, had driven me so blind
I was just a doll you played with like a child
And now that you're gone, now that you broke our affair
Don't count on me to look for you everywhere


You see
Without you Baby, I feel so happy
You see
And for the first time in my life, I feel like I can be me

Verse 2

I trashed my memories of you
Deep in a distant past
I moved along exactly as one do

I tried to gather the ruins of my life
To get the pieces you cut and torn apart
So if you call me and if I'm not here
Don't leave no message nor your number
'Cause you're cleared

Chorus x2

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