My New Life Lyrics

Timothy Brindle

Timothy Brindle - My New Life Lyrics

I was struck in the face by lightning and fire/
It was the loving grace of Christ the Messiah/
He said, "Trust Me Tim, Repent (of) your lust and sin/
Other wise be sucked up in a gust of wind!"/
‘But God I'm evil, I been a greedy traitor/
An awful weasel- weaker than a feeble raver/
I can't reach you, I really need a Savior/
"Just believe in Jesus, He's the Mediator"/
You mean it's that simple, I'm obviously not worthy/
"Relax Brindle, it's gotta just be God's mercy"/
I was a hopeless troll/
But the Lord's amazing/
I musta' been a chosen soul before creation/
So I humbled myself before the Lord/
And I was promised an ensured reward/
Plus in heaven, I'll receive my bonus portion/
I needed a Father, I was a homeless orphan/
So I've been adopted through the doctrine of election/
I'm washed through confession/
I was lost in depression/
I've been saved from hell/
So I praise and yell/
Yo, His grace His swell/
I can't wait to tell!/
I've been born again with immortal men/
I was torn in sin and it thorned my skin/
But Christ violently died for me/
I was blind with His shine I can finally see!!!/

I have a new life, this is my new life, I was in true strife before I knew Christ

I'm just a baby Christian, this miracle's new to me/
I'm still trying to hit my spiritual puberty/
Christ claimed all my fails as His loss/
He took my sins, and nailed'em on the Cross/
I'm a child of God, He bought my soul in advance/
Christ is risen I felt the holes in His hands/
I love my life but now I see it's His/
My soul's been resurrected like Jesus is/
I have a new life, this is my new life, I was in true strife before I knew Christ

I used to live everyday like it was my last/
Smoking blunts and hash/
But the drugs went fast/
The buzz would pass, every night drink and vomit/
Wake up hung-over scrub the sink with comet/
Life was just up's and down's and high's and low's/
I lived off the high supplied by violent flows/
There was no decency or peace in me/
Only deceit and grief/
I'd frequently fiend for weed/
But I been rescued from death, dude/
Now I look in the mirror and say, ‘God Blessed You'/
I used to walk around/
Quite angry but Christ claimed me/
From the lost and found/
He cured depression/
Healed my heart decay/
Now I start my day with a harp to play/
I was far away/
A starving slave/
Now I'm a part of His large buffet with chardonnay/
The woman that I loved witnessed to me/
Life changed significantly/
As a Christian I'm free/
Now I use this special gift to emcee/
To try to catch other lost fish in the sea/
I have eternal life, I escape God's wrath/
I was rude, blasphemous but Jesus forgives/
I found true happiness and a reason to live!

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