Rebirth Lyrics


Machiavel - Rebirth Lyrics

(Albert Lethecheur - Marc Ysaye - Mario Guccio -
Jean-Paul Devaux)

He had stayed in the bottom of a wardrobe
For two years, he had not made anybody laugh
Waiting in his black room hoping that the door would open
He had not aged one day
His face had kept all its features
And his eyes were shinning with the oncoming of the show
Finally the day so much hoped for had come
He could see his rebirth
First his head tactfully rose like a child still asleep
Then his chest and slowly his arms and his legs
I could see he was in good running order
Softly he made a smile of satisfaction at the puppeter

Everybody wanted to see the show which looked like a feast
And when the lights went out he appeared inq moonbeam,
He was dress in white with a red rose on his heart!

He did pirouettes
He mimed a rope dancer
Walking in the air
A loving violinist playing the music of the fair

A little girl with a white balloon winked at him.
The puppet stopped, and slowly he pulled the threads which

He did the same with his arms and his head
Now he could do his show all alone
The children were charing harder and harder
The crowd was delirious . He could see he was in good
running order

Softly he made a smile of satisfaction at the puppeteer

Before leaving the stage.
He pulled the red rose attached to his heart
And he threw to the little girl's feet
She let go off her white balloon and took the rose...

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