Pay To Cum - Live Lyrics

Bad Brains

Bad Brains - Pay To Cum - Live Lyrics

I make decisions with precision,
Lost inside this manned collision,
Just to see that what to be is,
Perfectly my fantasy,
I came to know with now dismay,
That in this world we all must pay,
Pay to write, pay to play, pay to cum, pay to fight!
And all in time,
With just our minds,
We soon will find what's left behind,
Not long ago when things were slow,
We all got by with what we know,
The end is near,
Hearts filled with fear,
Don't want to listen to what they hear,
And so it's now we choose to fight,
To stick up for our bloody right,
The right to ring, the right to dance, the right to dance,
The right is ours... we'll take the chance!
A Piece apart,
A piece of wisdom,
From our hearts.

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