Clementine Lyrics

Mark Owen

Mark Owen - Clementine Lyrics

She heard a voice from so far away
It told her mother had gone away
In the next room down the corridor
Her baby started to cry
Her whole life had just fell apart
There was nothing then the hurting started
In her heavy head on her knees she prayed
Could somebody help her

It was never meant to be this way
It was never meant to be this way
It was never meant to be this way
It was never meant to be this way
If only I'd told you yesterday

Got in her car and she sped away
Into the floodlit street down by your way
As the sun rose by the morning dew
Well she returned in such a state
Her baby knew not what was going on
But it could tell from her tears
That something was wrong with mum
Desperation let out it's final scream
But our Clementine didn't hear a damn thing


Into the mirror she stared at herself
Asked is that my life, is that what I'm here for
Her reflection chose not to respond
As she froze to the spot like a cold hard statue
And bathed in her tears she said her time was through

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