Hatred Inherit (Live) Lyrics


Krisiun - Hatred Inherit (Live) Lyrics

I'm thy blood abominated abd spilled
by the works of darkness and hatred
I'm abyssic flames infernal fire of dafamation
which burns and brands the sacred scriptures
wielder of the oppressive sword of revenge
blood of sacrificed showers from my blade
marching over slaghtered preys I feast
ascending storms of scourge I ride
spewing the rites of ritual sacrifice
I'm the one baptized in flames

Ceremonial death thru merciless desecration
black blood unleash my heart of stone
eyes of horror are always around me
beholding the preys of deception die
domination for the tyrant revenge
desolation of holiness summon my name
from within the beast's brood I came
raised to murder the holy one
wicked insane with malevolent mission
hatred inherit my light became black

reciting evoking pouring of blood by my hands
infesting the circle I summon the fire - god
murder of divine grace
flesh desecrated violation of sacred code
pestilent feast
ravager of holy decay I shall stand
the painfull sorrow of living triumph of death
hatred inherit pestilence of peace
lord of infamous arts I shall stand

hatred inherit pestilence of peace
son of the abyssic gods spawned in battle to reign
hatred inherit my light became black

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