Confront Ya Babe (Feat. Max B. & Cardan) Lyrics

Jim Jones

Jim Jones - Confront Ya Babe (Feat. Max B. & Cardan) Lyrics

I gotta see how that thing sound but I got it

I'ma come right in wit it Dipset, uh

If theres a need to confront ya babe

I'll let the nina come punch ya babe (DIPSET!!)

Fur beavers big blunts and things

Byrd Gang Byrd Gang (OW!)

Nigga I'll leave you bleedin on ya door slot

Max B look like Derek Jeter on the short stop (uh)

I'll put the heater to ya soft spot

Waive the nina and make ya adiddas do the short stop (uh)

You don't want it wit me b

Dickie under the snorkel heat and the mean v

Bend ya main bitches over give'em the wee wee

Big gun up close in ya face 3-D (uh)

I'll put the thing near ya ear Let it bang near ya ear

Fivic grand crew haters linger in the air

Clothes fit right like the finger in ya beer

Last week hit anger in the rear

Jim came threw he gave me the chain and couple of 'guettes in my ear

Now the bird swingin off the thermo

Tre pound tucked bitch I don't give a fuck bitch

Shit I treats this game like it's 88

Nauti' sweats no socks hopped out the range wit the paper plates

Hopped on the plane wit the bathing apes

Hopped off the plane ta see the hatian face so pound nigga (sa pa say!)

We gangsta rappin gettin dough from this violence (east side!)

I'm talkin G4's blowin haze smoke from the piolet (purple!)

I chartered that flight cause it was lookin kinda rainy

Now i'm known ta bring the goons out like that nigga John Chaney (Goonies!)

Or catch me up on the hill in the whip doing 80 (Dimelo!)

Till the police pulled me over and the whip smelled all hazy

What you know about that cash get you thrown up in the trash

I'll put a gun up in ya mouth and have you blow it out yo ass

Blunt up in my mouth blowin out the grass

show you how to stunt, pockets loaded wit the cash

show you how to dump semi loaded ready ta blast

I'll roll up on you chumps I got this whole shit in a smash

Yo Now when I'm crusin threw harlem I get my bunky charn on

Gotta dunny dunk broad wit a dunky dunk car

I get all that chronic straight from them honky tonk guys

You junior muthafuckas I'm donkey don kong

I just left Jacob and he got me chunky on arm

now I'm on my way to go smoke a dunky don bong

I brought DA BAND out and I ain't talkin puffy sean combs

Dem drums turn into guns goin brrrrump ba bump bump

Now ya mind out ya body

You wonder I got nine in the party I was high in it prolly

Doggy, I put the kam in the kazi you need it pa

Holla I might go guide you, poppy its the guy

Call me cardan tho

been passed dem, bust, if, aint

We ain't wit the village fags nah we on lennox ave

you mad, go get ya dad you fag, you fit for drag

and that nina'll bump you, or if it's a need I confront you fucker

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