Think Of You Lyrics


Carney - Think Of You Lyrics

When I'm lost, you bring me back
When I cry, you make me glad
When I think I have it bad
I think of you

When I don't know where to go
And it feels like I'm alone
When I hang my head down low
I think of you

Each night you wait
Outside my door
'Cause you want to know
Oh no, I think of you

When I fall into a snare
And it's all too much to bear
When I think nobody cares
I think of you

When the going's getting tough
And I feel like giving up

When I think I've had enough
I think of you

You've always been
And you'll always be
Even to the end, oh woah
I'll think of you

You are the life
The truth and the light
And I'll follow you
Oh woah

When it's time to say good-bye
And a tear wells in my eye
I can hold my head up high
When I think of you

My flesh is weak
But your spirit wills
My heart and my mind
Will think of you

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