Introdurso-Pompa Lyrics


Squallor - Introdurso-Pompa Lyrics

Pace, Bigazzi, Savio

Well! In the fana uanais fanain in the uanafan in the Kansas City
In the fona uanain in the San Francisco, New York the ruend the fain Caserta
In the Havelino
The fabolous Squallor and ultimo ellepì: Pompa, pompa, pompa, pompa
Uan fai nai nai batteria: piglia e puortatello via
Contrabbasso, metti il re che metto l'asso
Ai violini, fammi trenta bucchini
Well, the fai nai nains in the one by nine the one two three four five six seven nine nine nine nine
Nomin fain, Urcus!
Urcus, uanain sanain uanamanaha salalalalà ha-ha
Ianamanahauosumina hi-hu
Angmamamanaha ha-ha
In the valaha-ha su-hi-ho-ha
In the vo... well, well, well!
Pompa well, pompa well
Eccolo lì...jammucenne, vai.

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