Dedicated To You Lyrics


Trae - Dedicated To You Lyrics

Over the years, it's been a cycle that I'm glad that it was
Cause all my niggaz I was down with, kept it real with the love
Before I go, I gotta say what's on my mind
If it wasn't for a lot of y'all, I'd prolly lose my mind
I look back when it started, and how it ended up to be
I'm feeling Pac, you ain't never had a friend like me
But then again, I ain't never had a friend like y'all
So I'ma ride or die for life, no matter what time or the cause
And even though my brother gone, I still got a couple mo'
That I live and represent fo', even though it never show
Like my older brother Robert, and my brother Dub G
I had to let you know what you mean to me, 'fore I rest in peace
And I ain't saying I'ma die and all that, but I feel like my time coming
If I got it and you want it, you never gon want for nothing
To my lil' brother Mikey, I know I be gone a lot
But look here bro, I'm a rider and ain't no way I can stop
Just know that if you need me, I ain't hard to find
And to my brother Jay'Ton, you the next up in line
And everyone of us unique, so you'll get blessed with the shine
And thanks to ma, me you and Dinkie been raw with the rhyme

If it's time for me to go, I know my family need to know how I feel
I dedicate, this motherfucker to you
I never told you face to face, but I appreciate you keeping it real
I dedicate, this motherfucker to you
Through all the drama that I see, y'all be the only ones that's keeping me strong
I dedicate, this motherfucker to you
I'm in a zone fighting tears through the night, that's why I wrote you this song
I dedicate, this motherfucker to you

A lot of niggaz in the game played it shife, so it was hard for me to tell
Which one of my niggaz'd catch me, if I fell
To the best of my knowledge, I got some niggaz that'll ride for the house
And fuck the world, if they want it we gon ride for the house
Like BJ, K, Shep and Chris and lil' bad ass Bam
Shock T and Raw C, and all the SK fam'
Yeah 311 on lock, but he gon be home in a minute
And on the Blood's that he repping, it's gon be on in a minute
M-Bleek, T-Skimmins, Rick gave him a seel
I appreciate you, keeping it real
Dubs up, and ain't nobody have to take me under they wing
When they supported me, for doing my thing
Real recognize real, around here
Cause don't too many niggaz, keep it real around here
I had a few niggaz, that I met up in the game who embraced the guerilla
Told me keep my head high, and keep on chasing that scrilla
D-Bo, they say we ain't like we use to be
We came up from the jump, so folk we back like we use to be
Way before, 'an one of these niggaz even knew our name
And we was broke, with dirty jeans in the game
Don Juan you already know my nigga, it's whatever you need
And on my life, it go the same for your seed
And even to my niggaz locked up and gone, but they hoping they missed
I'ma rep it for you, just like this
All the way to Chow-How, we gon bang the cell
Fuck the C.O. for y'all, we gon bring them hoes hell
I really gotta put my heart out, to the family of Screw
Pat, Mafio and Gator and the rest of the crew
Can't forget about Duke, Big Mello and the kids that died
Without a warning, it's for you I'ma ride
Without my people, I would rather be dead


Nothing ever lasts forever, they said it could but I know that it ain't
I feel its time, for me to say what I think
So to my old man Frasier, fuck the pride you my nigga for life
Without you and Debra Hughes, I know I wouldn't of been right
Without Beverly and my auntie, and the rest of my cousins
I had to let the world know, that I love em
To my motherfucking roll dogs, Boss and Ro
Even if we wasn't kin, you know the love would show
I know these motherfuckers, wanna see me losing my mind
But now I'm laughing at these motherfuckers, hating our shine
We got our weight up, Frost and Lil' B, Rock and Lil' T
Doug send me or nothing, frighten Louis and Grey D
Mario, and the rest of my people that's down to ride
For Brisha, all the way back into the Southside
T.O. you mean a lot, because you gave me my son
Just know I'm down, when it's all said and done
I know it's still a few niggaz, that I ain't get to mention
Dog I ain't gon play myself, you know I'm peeping the tension
Anyways, I guess I'm back to the subject at hand
I'm still S.U.C., so I'ma ride for it man
And to my niggaz who I use to hit the streets with, except for a few
I dedicate, this motherfucker to you
And to my people who I ever gave faith, helping to make it on through
I dedicate, this motherfucker to you


I deciate, this motherfucker to you - 4X

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