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Eels - Jungle Telegraph Lyrics

Mama had an epidural
Hoping I would be a girl

The night was black, the sky was boomin'
Darker clouds were surely loomin'
"I heard screamin'", the doctor shouts
And baby, then I came out and here I am

I found my way down the street
Chicken Hawks, favorite meat

The man was big, the gun was loaded
She had cash but never showed it
I heard screamin', bleedin' throat
And baby, I got on that boat and here I am

Now I'm up here in the trees
Shaking off the bugs and fleas

The days are long, the sun is beatin'
Each day I don't die is cheating
Send me some lovin', send me some lovin'
Send it now

Send it by giraffe on jungle telegraph
Send it by giraffe on jungle telegraph
On jungle telegraph, jungle telegraph

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