Motherzone Lyrics


Deathstars - Motherzone Lyrics

Oh, human doll - you know I am the one
Now, broken doll... Now all ethics gone

Because I'm the shelter and the knife, The infernal tramp and the lies
And I'm inside you deep, The greatest tear when you weep
...The virus in your heart...

And this is how my name will shine and shine again
Above you child...
Alight and scarred I'll leave you alone in this place

Enter this world
I am the one
This is home
I am the Motherzone

Enter this world
I am the one
Return home
To the body of the Motherzone

Get in line, kids - you know I am the one
Oh, walk away with me... dead daughter and son

Well, I'm the source and the field, The shiny scythe that you wield
And I'll be the drug in your blood, The first wave of that flood
...The D in Darkness...

Come to me now, little child!
Motherzone, Motherzone, Motherzone
Come to me, you're the first in line!
Motherzone, Motherzone, Motherzone

Come to me...
Lick me dry!

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