Don't Knock Lyrics

Tom Jones

Tom Jones - Don't Knock Lyrics

You don't knock (you don't knock)
You just walk on in
The door (the door)
Into heaven's inn
Theres love (theres love)
And joy for you to share (to share)
The whole day through

I know (I know)
My friends are there to rest (to rest)
In the heaven's nest
You don't knock, ring, punch a hole
The door's wide open a-waitin' for your soul
You don't knock just walk on in

I've walked life's winding road (Oh, yeah!)
'Cause I'm tryin' to bear the load (Oh, yeah!)
And I traveled both night and day (Oh, yeah!)
So tired I could hardly pray (Oh, yeah!)
Well, Jesus, my light and guide (Oh, yeah!)
Oh, He's ever by my side. (Oh, Yeah!)
So, I'm walkin', not a-knockin', into heaven with pride

I'll have no need to fear (Oh, yeah!)
Well, He is ever near (Oh, yeah!)
He'll know my work was true (Oh, yeah!)
So glad the day is through (Yeah!)
Well it wasn't for me to say (Oh, yeah!)
I didn't think I'd make my way (Oh, Yeah!)
So, I'm walkin', not a-knockin', to heaven with pride

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